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Yelland Families from South Brent, Devon

  • There are many people researching the Yelland family that originated in South Brent, Devon, about 10 miles east of Plymouth. South Brent is located about 30 miles south of South Tawton, Devon.

  • Liz Williams and her husband, Stu have a great web site on the Yelland Family from South Brent, Devon. She has done an extensive into the THE EARLY YELLAND FAMILY, with a tree, Charting the Tenancies of Farms passed down through the generations, including a map of St. Stephen-in-Brannel Parish, showing these tenancies.

  • There is a book written about the Yelland branch that starts in South Brent, moves to Cornwall, and then to Australia. This book is called, "Feudalism to Freedom, 400 Years of Yelland Family History," published in 1996 by Geoffrey P. Yelland, from Australia.

  • This branch of the Yelland family started with John Yelland, alias Welbrooke [1540-1585] born in South Brent, Devon; married to Margaret Cholwell, alias Williams on abt 1574 in South Brent, Devon.

  • John Yelland used the alias Welbrooke, possibly to avoid religious persecution.

  • John's three sons; William, Thomas, and John were all born in South Brent, Devon.

  • John's son, Thomas married Mary Lyston 6 Aug 1599 in South Brent and they moved to Cornwall about 1605 after their first three children were born. The remainder of their children were born in Cornwall.

  • The Yellands stayed in St Stephen-in-Brannel, Cornwall for over 200 years.

  • Joseph Yelland, born 1 Jun 1813, and his wife, Maria Crocker, married 15 Feb 1840, emigrated to Australia in 1847-48. They had 15 children (11 who lived; one was even born during the long journey). Joseph and Maria are probably the origin of the many Yellands now in Australia.


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