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“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us; we see the past, present, and future.”
Gail Lumet Buckley


 Some of My Family


My wife, Sylvia, and I, on my 70th birthday, 2012

Having my first beer, a month after my open heart surgery on June 15

Ab and Phyl Yelland

Mom and Dad, Albert (Ab) Henry and Phyllis (Phyl) Yelland in Hawaii, 1988

Yelland Family in Peterborough 1919

Grandfather, Albert Stanley, Grandmother, Edith Dorothy Yelland, and family, in front of their home in Peterborough, Ontario, 1919

Alice and Edith

Great Grandmother, Alice Jane Boreham/Gill/Kempton/Montgomery and Grandmother, Edith Gill/Kempton/Yelland, c.1910

Joseph and Sarah circa 1944

Great Grandparents, Joseph Henry and Sarah Ann Yelland, c.1944

Toronto Daily Star, Friday, November 17, 1950


Joseph in Fire Brigade 1885

 Great Grandfather, Joseph Yelland with the Peterborough Fire Brigade, 1885
Chief Thomas Rutherford is in the centre (dark hat). Joseph Yelland is in the bottom row, second from left.


Great Great Grandfather, William Yelland, the thirteenth mayor of Peterborough, Ontario, 1896-97

 Received from the Trent Valley Museum and Archives.


William Yelland with Eva May Yelland, his grand-daughter (daughter of William George Yelland), with her husband,
Edward Benjamin Colborne, and their daughter, Marion Margaret Colborne, born 26 Apr 1909.

Received from the Peterborough Museum and Archives, from the Roy Studio Photographs Collection, dated 1910.


Some Pictures Concerning the Yelland Family


Yelland Monument, Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario

An Ad for William Yelland's business, from the Ontario Almanac for Peterborough County, Smith Township, 1873

Murray Street

Peterborough, Ontario, Murray Street, looking east from George Street, c.1875.
This interesting view from the corner of George and Murray shows St. Paul’s and Central School as they looked in the early 1870s.
The large family of William Yelland (1832-1920), the successful carriage maker and later mayor (1896-97),
 provides the nucleus for the group portrait.

Yelland Carriage House

William Yelland operated a combination carriage making and blacksmith business at this location, 462 George Street, for 40 years from the 1850s to the 1890s. - from the Martha Kidd Collection on Peterborough Buildings, Trent Valley Archives.

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