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I'm Al Yelland


I live in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, (A lake a day as long as you stay) about 350 KM north-east of Vancouver, BC's largest city.  I am retired after thirty-five years with BC Tel, now called Telus, our province's telephone company. Interestingly, during my whole career with the telephone company, I never worked on telephones. I spent my time working on the switching equipment in the Central Office and Toll Department. During my last ten years with BC Tel, I worked on installing and maintaining computers and data equipment in the Special Services Department.


I have been digging into my past for over 20 years. I find Family History (Genealogy) to be a fun and rewarding hobby that connects us with our past. I have always enjoyed playing on the computer and now that there is so much genealogy information on the Internet I am in my glory. I spend hours surfing around the genealogy sites on the Net to find more information and I have even solved some real mysteries which have haunted me for years. This is when genealogy is really fun!


I am a member of the Kamloops Family History Society and am currently Vice President. I have been a member of the executive for several years, including two years as President. I was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Kamloops Museum Association for about fifteen years, including five years as President. I have been interested in history and genealogy for many years.


I decided to create this site when I realized that the Yelland family name is not as uncommon as I thought; and I wanted to share my family research with other Yellands. When you look at the number of Yellands in Devon and Cornwall, the name is quite common. I hope to add other Family Trees to this site as other people permit me to do so.


What I would like to do eventually on my site is to have as many Yelland trees as possible that originated in Devon, or elsewhere for that matter, and maybe someone will find a common ancestor that started the whole Yelland Clan.


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